Fox News: or how I learned to stop worrying and love the dumb

I must start by apologizing in advance for starting with a rather ridiculous recent topic but I just couldn’t resist myself, it gives a great meaning to the title of my blog. On December 2nd, while watching “Follow the Money” on Fox News (for strictly masochistic reasons), the show’s host Eric Bolling had a seven minute segment criticizing the new musical comedy film “The Muppets” for apparently being part of some sort of Hollywood Leftist conspiracy to brainwash children into engaging in class warfare. Although this may seem as a joke to the reader, I can assure you I am not hyperbolizing any of this. Those were the exact words used. At first, I was laughing hysterically but then I slowly stopped and started thinking about it more carefully. I thought to myself: what sort of society do I live in where, you turn on the television and the arguments that you hear from supposedly “political commentators” who possibly have a degree in journalism or English or had some sort of academic success to be televising their thoughts nationwide, debating whether Kermit the Frog, our beloved, pig-dating, green-looking, fly-eating childhood puppet, stands by the ideology behind organizations like the Nomenklatura? Unfortunately this kind of outrageous debates do not come as a surprise to American audiences. The American public has gotten used to topics and questions like: whether Obama was born in the US or is he a secret member of the Muslim Brotherhood, whether Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales are cocaine buddies or just Communist dictators, whether one’s religious freedom is being threaten by abortionists baby-killers and perverted homosexuals or is it being destroyed by evil secular organizations and pot smoking Democrats…etc. I assure you that it’s partly because of this kind of ignorance that the American people are laughed at around the world…and also perhaps that we have the best political comedy material. But what is really disturbing about Fox News, is not the fact that it hides a false message of a biased and bigoted nature, it’s precisely the fact that they know it. In the same way I believe only atheists can truly understand the Bible, I think only social liberals can truly understand what kind of role Fox News plays in the mainstream media. One of the main criticisms people have used to attack Fox News is that the network in some way promotes subliminal biased messages behind their supposed objective headlines, for example if the headline that evening is: “Obama promotes tax hike for wealthy Americans to cut deficit”, the underline message would be something like  “Obama promotes class warfare against successful job-creators”. However, I believe that is not the case. Something much more interesting happens. I claim that the strategy is in fact reversed. In this case, the headline is actually “Obama promotes class-warfare” and the unsaid message is in fact “we’re not afraid of saying things that might not come from a reliable source or any kind of logical fact but it serves our agenda and satisfies everyone”. They are not discreet about it. Although they have always defended themselves and compared themselves with other news channels like CNN or MSNBC, the truth is, you would never find such obvious biased messages in MSNBC, and if you did, you would probably not even think about it that much. It would be something completely insignificant like: “we need Eco-friendly vomiting bags in airplanes”. The real interesting thing about Fox News is that they admit to their biased views themselves. They say that they lean towards the right and try to keep social as well as fiscal conservatives well-informed. When it comes to political opinion, I have absolutely no problem in having someone like Bill O’Reilly shouting anti-immigrant statements in his little evening show, specially because I find it amusing and at the same time sad that someone who has a last name like “O’Reilly” would stand so strong against immigration. My problem is when that “political opinion” becomes something you pass on as fact. News channels have a responsibility to inform the American people, whether it’s patriots, workers, immigrants, conservatives or anarchists, news is news. I say that because we specially live in delicate times. We have problems like the national debt, the war in the middle east, unemployment, global warming…etc we can’t risk to have a larger un-informed public. America is already dumb enough as it is. During the eve of the Iraq war, 70% of Americans thought that Sadaam Hussein was directly involved with the September 11 attacks, now 34% still do, the majority of Americans can’t name a single branch of government, 24% can’t name the country America fought in the Revolutionary War…etc. Of course, it would be naive of me to blame all of this on Fox News but let’s face it, they’re not exactly helping. And as a member of the Far-Left, I must say that I really hope that the word “communist” would stop being thrown as an insult at everyone who might disagree with American conservative nationalists. I had already found the statement “Obama is a communist” to be outrageously ridiculous and offensive to real communists but now with “The Muppets are communists”… that is just simply insane.


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